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   Useful Forms:
    -  Crew permit and licence
    -  Endorsement of a rating
  Registration of an aircraft
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Bell 206 B3 Jet Ranger

bell206b jet rangerbell206_data

bell 206 cockpit panel


  Rotor Diameter:    33ft  5in. (10.16 m)
  Fuselage Length:
 31ft  2.4in. (9.5m)
  Overall Length:     38ft 11,4in.  (11.82m)
  Powerplant:  1 x 420shp  Allison 250-C20J Rolls Royce
  Max Take-Off Weight:  3200lbs  (1451kg)
  Max Seating: 5
  Max Cruise:  114.5kts
  Range:  365nm  (676km)

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