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Helicopter companies listed by province
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   Useful Forms:
    -  Crew permit and licence
    -  Endorsement of a rating
  Registration of an aircraft
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Helicopter companies listed in British Columbia:

Aberdeen Helicopters ltd.
6150 Tasa Court, Prince George BC V2K4J3
tel:(250)962-5566   fax:(250)962-2556
a/c type: bell 206

Advantage Helicopters inc.
1961 44th St SE  Salmon Arm  BC  V1E1X9
tel:(205)803-0275   fax:(250)803-0277
a/c types:bell 206, bell 204, bell 205 bell 212

Airspan Helicopters ltd.
PoBox 1009  Sechelt  BC  V0N3A0
tel:(604)885-7474   fax:(604)885-7617
a/c types:bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell212 ec30/as350

 Alpen Helicopters ltd.
8-5333  216th Street, Langley BC V2Y2N3
tel:(604)868-4354   fax:(604)532-8719
a/c types: bell 206, bell 407

Alpine Helicopters ltd.
1295 Industrial Road, Kelowna bc v1z1g4
tel:(250)769-4111   fax:(250)769-2040
a/c types: bell 206, bell 407, bell 212

Altoft Helicopter Services ltd.
5548 Murray place Prince George BC V2N3P4
a/c type: bell 206

Arduini Helicopters ltd.
288 Woodland Drive, Williams Lake BC V2G4P9
tel:(250)398-5551  fax:(250)398-9552
a/c type: bell 206

Arrow Helicopters inc.
box 1280, Revelstoke BC V0E2S0
tel:(250)837-6288   fax:(250)837-6227
a/c type: ec30/as350

Ascent Helicopters Ltd
150 Hamilton ave. Parksville, BC V9P2W4
tel:(250)752-2981   fax:(250)752-2983
a/c types: bell 204, bell 205, bell 212

Atom Helicopters Ltd.
34449 - 95th Street Oliver BC V0H1T0
tel:(250)809-6508   fax(250)497-6272

a/c Type: ec30/as350,

 Bailey Helicopters ltd.
rr1 Site7 Camp19 Forth St-John BC V1J4M6
tel:(250)785-2518   fax:(250)785-7065
a/c types: R-44, ec30/as350, bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212,

Bajo Reef Helicopters
202-20896  57 Avenue Langley BC V3A8S9
tel:(604)533-0139   fax:(604)533-0127
a/c type: md500

Bighorn Helicopter inc
Box220 1817 Theatre Road, Cranbrook BC V1C4H7
tel:(250)489-2517   fax:(250)489-6139
a/c types: bell 206, ec30/as350, md500

Black Hawk Helicopters inc.
287 East 24th Avenue Vancouver BC V5V1Z7
tel:(604)240-1580   fax:(604)738-2160
a/c type: R-44

Blackcomb Helicopters ltd.
PoBox 1241, Whistler BC V0N1B0
tel:(604)938-1700   fax:(604)938-1706
a/c types: bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212, bell 407, as355, ec120..

Black Tusk Helicopter inc.
P.O. box 1469 Squamish, BC V8B0B1
tel:(604)898-5415   fax:(604)898-5423
a/c types: bell 206, bell 214, ec30/as350.

British Columbia Helicopters Ltd
Unit 1 Hangar 47 21330 56TH ave.LANGLEY BC V2Y0E5
tel:(604)850-7711   fax:(604)639-9091
a/c types: R-44, HU300

British Columbia Mountain Helicopters Ltd.
Box 148, 5675 Turner Rd. Nanaimo BC V9L6M4
tel(888)221-5566   fax(604)909-4765

a/c types:
R-22, R-44

Buchanan and son aviation ltd
P.O. Box 1239, Prince George BC V2L4V3
a/c type: bell 47

Buffalo Aerial services ltd.
4546 204A street, Langley BC V3A6B7
tel:(250)788-4158   fax:(250)788-4150
a/c types: bell 206, ec30/as350.

Campbell Helicopters ltd.
PoBox2008 Abbotsford BC V2T3T8
tel:(604)852-1122   fax:(604)852-4982
a/c types: bell 204, bell 205, bell 212.

Canadian Air-Crane
7293 Wilson Avenue  Delta BC V4G1E5
tel:(604)940-1715   fax:(604)940-1735
a/c type:  S-64 skycrane

CC Helicopters Ltd
2975 Airport Road, Kamloops BC  V2B7W8
tel:(250)376-7790   fax:(250)376-7791
a/c types: bell 206, bell 407, bell 212, bell 412, ec30/as350.

CHC Helicopter Corporation
4740 Agar Drive Richmond BC V7B1A3
tel:(604)276-7500   fax:(604)279-2474 
a/c types: as332, bell 212, s-76.

Chinook Helicopters (1982) ltd.
1184 Aviator Drive  Abbotsford BC V2T6H5
tel:(604)855-1100   fax:(604)855-1022
a/c types: bell 206, bell 47.

Coulson Aircrane
4890 Cherry Creek road  Port Alberni BC V9Y8E9
tel:(250)723-8118   fax:(250)723-7766
a/c types: bell 206, S-61.

DAM Helicopters inc.
1413 Front street, Nelson, BC V1L4C5
tel:(250)505-3905   fax:(250)505-5011
a/c types: bell 206, as315, bo105.

Delta Helicopters
Cranbrook, BC
tel:(250)489-5730 mobile(250)421-4580
a/c types: bell206B, as350B2

D.K.Heli-Cropper Int'l ltd.
29325 Marsh McCormick Rd  Abbotsford BC V4X2B4
tel:(604)857-2250   fax:(604)857-2260
a/c types: hiller 12et, md500.

Discovery Helicopters
PoBox178 Atlin BC V0W1A0
tel:(250)651-7569   fax:(250)651-7667
a/c type: bell 206

Duenorth Helicopters inc.
P.O.Box 4226, Smithers BC V0J2N0
tel:(250)847-2264   fax:(250)847-2284
a/c type: bell 206

E&B Helicopters ltd.
PoBox1000 Campbell River BC V9W6Y4
tel:(250)287-4421   fax:(250)287-4352 
a/c types: R-22, R-44, bell 206, bell 407.

East West Helicopters
1B 5270 Auto Rd, Salmon Arm BC V1E1X3
tel:(250)833-4271   fax:(250)833-4291
a/c type: bell 214

Eclipse Helicopters ltd.
150 Lancaster road, Penticton BC V2A8X1
tel:(250)492-5221   fax:(250)492-4813
a/c types: ec30/as350, as355.

Far West Helicopters Ltd.
46160 Airport road, Chilliwack BC V2P1A5
tel:(604)819-6919   fax:(604)793-2281

a/c type: bell 206

Finnair Ltd.
P.O Box 4, Naraamata  B.C. V0H1N0
tel(250)770-0702   fax:(250)276-4197
a/c types: ec120, ec30/as350.

Frontline Helicopters Ltd.
Box 4204, Williams Lake BC V2V2V3
tel(250)961-3755   fax(250)392-2229
a/c type: bell 206

Graham Air Limited
ClearWater Heliport Clearwater BC
tel(250)280-4354   fax(250)280-4354
a/c type: bell 206

Grizzly Helicopters Ltd.
1092 Gazelle Raod, Campbell River BC V9W7J8
tel(250)923-4622   fax(250)923-7260
a/c type: ec30/as350

Harbour Air Ltd.
4760 Inglis drive, Richmond BC V7B1W4
tel:(604)278-3428   fax:(604)278-5271
a/c type: R-44.

Helifor Industries Limited
3-2000 Jubilee Parkway, Campbell River BC V9H1T5
tel:(250)926-6700   fax:(250)923-3283
a/c types: Boing 107, Chinook, MD500.

Helijet International inc.
5911 Airport Rd S, Richmond BC V7B1B5
tel:(604)273-4688   fax:(604)273-5301
a/c types: R-22, bell 206, s-76, s-61.

Highland Helicopters ltd.
4240 Agar Dr, Richmond BC V7B1A3
tel:(604)273-6161   fax:(604)273-6088
a/c types: bell 206, ec30/as350.

High Terrain Helicopters ltd.
622 Front Street, suite 407, Nelson BC V1L4B7
tel:(250)354-8445   fax:(250)354-1226
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell212 ec30/as350

Hunter Helicopters inc.
Hangar 15 5225 216th street Langley BC V2Y2N3
tel:(604)614-3938   fax:(604)533-2500
a/c type: MD500

Hy-Ridge Helicopters ltd.
5377 Hwy 93/95, Fairmont Hot Springs BC V0B1L1
tel:(250)345-0068   fax:(250)345-0011  
a/c type:

Hydra Helicopters inc.
37084 Whelan road Abbotsford BC V2G2L2
tel:(604)309-8393   fax:(604)854-5014
a/c types: bell 204, bell 205,

Interior Helicopters ltd.
Box1478 Fort St-James BC V0J1P0
tel:(250)996-8644   fax:(250)996-8655
a/c types:
bell 206, MD600.

Kestrel Helicopters ltd.
851 Fairdowne road, Errington BC V9P2B9
tel:(250)248-2565   fax:(250)738-0227
a/c types:
ec30/as350, MD500

Kokanee Helicopters inc.
*106, 1449 St Paul Street, Kelowna BC V1Y2E5
tel:(250)762-2659   fax:(250)762-2639  
a/c types:
bell 206, ec30/as350.

Kootenay Valley Helicopters Ltd.
RR-7, Reclamation Raod Creston BC V0B1G7
tel(250)428-4929   fax(250)428-4982
a/c types: bell 206 , R-44, as315

Lakelse Air Ltd.
3752 Highway 16e Terrace BC V8G5J3
tel:(250)635-3245   fax:(250)635-3246
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212, ec30/as350, MD500

London Air Service
4580 Cowley Crescent Richmond BC V7B1B8
tel:(604)272-8123   fax:(604)233-0202
a/c type: AW139.

Northern Air Support ltd.
6285 Airport Way, Kelowna BC V1V1S1
tel:(250)765-0100   fax:(250)765-0077
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 407, ec30/as350.

Nothern Lights College
11401-8th Street, Dawson Creek BC V1G4G2
tel:(250)784-7503   fax:(250)784-7549

OceanView Helicopters Ltd.
7490 Duncan Street Powell River BC V8A1W7
tel:(604)485-7135   fax:(604)485-7460
a/c types: bell 206,
bell 212, MD500,MD600, MD520.

Okanagan Mountain Helicopters
6285 Airport way Kelowna BC V1V1S1
tel:(250)491-9359   fax:(250)491-9310
a/c types: R-22, R-44.

Outbound Aviation Ltd.
Box 29008 Ok Mission RPO Kelowna BC V1W4A7
tel;(250)860-4187   fax:(250)860-8894
a/c type:
MD500 .

Pacific Rim Helicopters Ltd.
5830 Pierce Road Port Alberni BC V9Y8K3
a/c type:
bell 206.

Pacific Western Helicopters ltd.
4214 Cowart Road, Prince George BC V2N6H9
tel:(250)562-7911   fax:(250)561-2697
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212, ec30/as350.

Peak Helicopters Ltd.
1112 Aery View Way Parksville BC V9P2N9
tel:(250)954-1183   fax:(250)954-1483
a/c type: bell 206 .

Pine Tree Helicopters Ltd.
100 4245 Hangar Road Prince George BC V2N4M6
tel:(250)963-5000   fax:(250)963-7022
a/c type:
bell 206 .

Prism Helicopters ltd.
702,11731 Baynes Road, Pitt Meadows BC V3Y2B3
tel:(604)465-7979   fax:(604)465-7970
a/c types:
bell 204, bell 205, bell 212, ec30/as350, MD500 .

Quantum Helicopters ltd.
4445 Bristol Rd,RR4,Site16,camp2,Terrace BC V8G0E9
tel:(250)615-0168   fax:(250)615-0169
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212.

Qwest Helicopters inc.
P.O.Box 532 Fort Nelson BC V0C1R0
tel:(250)774-5302   fax:(250)774-5303
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212, ec30/as350.

Rainbow West Charters ltd.
PoBox950,Bella Coola BC V0T1C0
tel:(250)982-2322   fax:(250)982-2304
a/c type:
bell 206 .

Range Helicopters inc.
6065 Fairbank Road Nelson BC V1L6P6
tel:(250)505-4910   fax:(250)229-4108
a/c types:  bell 206,

Resource Helicopters ltd.
5-5333 216th Street, Langley BC V2Y2N3
tel:(604)539-5494   fax:(604)539-5496

a/c types:
bell 204, bell 205, bell 212 .

Sarvair Aviation Ltd.
Box534, 100 mile House BC V0K2E0
tel:(250)791-7322   fax:(250)791-7324
a/c types:
bell 206, ec30/as350, R-44.

Selkirk Mountain Helicopters ltd.
P.O Box 2968, Revelstoke BC V0E2S0
tel:(250)837-2455   fax:(250)837-4066
a/c types:
bell 206, ec30/as350.

Sequoia Helicopters ltd.
36358 Carrington Lane, Abbotsford BC V3G2M7
tel:(604)852-1704   fax:(604)852-1798
a/c type:
bell 212 .

Sierra Helicopters Ltd.
*602  11715 Baynes Road Pitt Meadows BC V3Y2V1
tel:(604)818-8675   fax:(866)907-0660
a/c types:
bell 206,EC120.

Silver Helicopters Ltd.
Box:2034 Prince George BC V2N2J6
tel:(250)963-9808   fax:(250)963-9808
a/c type:
MD500 .

Skyline Helicopters ltd.
6295 Airport Way, Kelowna BC V1V1S1
tel:(250)765-1910   fax:(250)765-1972
a/c types: AW119,
bell 212, ec30/as350.

SunWest Helicopters ltd.
4-1000 Ravensbourne Lane, Qualicum Beach BC V9K1P9
tel:(250)752-0707   fax:(2500752-0909
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212, S-61.

Talon Helicopters ltd.
4380 Agar Drive, Richmond BC V7B1A3
tel:(604)214-3585   fax:(604)214-3586
a/c types:
bell 206, ec30/as350, AS355, EC120.

Tasman Helicopters ltd.
*5  4340 King Street, Delta BC V4K0A5
tel:(604)940-0204   fax:(604)940-0272
a/c types:
bell 204, bell 205, bell 212,bell 407.

Tech Helicopters ltd.
25595 Willow Cale Road,Prince George BC V2N6A5
tel:(250)963-8211   fax:(250)963-8609
a/c types:
R-22, R-44.

Transwest Helicopters ltd.
PoBox160, 46185 Olds Drive,Chilliwack BC V2P6H7
tel:(604)792-5992   fax:(604)792-6959
a/c type: bell 214

TRK Helicopters (BC) ltd.
*102, 5225-216th Street,Langley BC V2Y2N3
tel:(604)533-4150   fax:(604)533-4151
a/c types:
bell 206, ec30/as350, EC120.

Valhalla Helicopters inc.
*6  1369 Stevens RD, Kelowna BC V1Z2S9
tel:(250)769-1486   fax:(250)769-1482
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 205, bell 212

Valley Helicopters ltd.
63235 Flood Hope Road,Hope BC V0X1L2
tel:(604)869-2131   fax:(604)869-2598
a/c types: bell 47,
bell 206 , bell 407.

VIH Helicopters ltd.
1962 Canso Rd,North Saanich BC V8L5V5
tel:(250)656-3987   fax:(250)655-6839
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212, bell 407, ec30/as350, EC135, kamov32,S-61.

West Coast Helicopters Mtce.&contr. ltd.
Box1030,1011 Airport Road,Port McNeill BC V0N2R0
tel:(250)956-2244   fax:(250)956-2070
a/c types:
bell 206,ec30/as350,MD500

Western Aerial Applications ltd.
8450 Broadway Street, Chilliwack BC V2P5V5
tel:(604)792-3354   fax:(604)792-3358
a/c types: AS315,
bell 206, ec30/as350, Hiller 12, Hiller 12ET.

Westland Helicopters inc.
P.O. Box 45595, Surrey BC V4A9N3
tel:(604)230-4422   fax:(604)538-8143
a/c type:
bell 206

White River Helicopters inc.
Box 700, Terrace BC V8G4B8
tel:(250)638-1414   fax:(250)638-0888
a/c type:
bell 206

White Saddle Air Services ltd.
PoBox 44, Tatla Lake BC V0L1V0
tel:(250)476-1182   fax:(250)476-1189

a/c type: bell 206

Wild Water Heli-Fishing Ltd.
Box 68 Fort Steele, BC V0B1N0
tel:(250)429-3999   fax:(250)429-3999
a/c type: R-44

Wildcat Helicopters inc.
2431 Dominion Rd, Kelowna BC V1Z2Y4
tel:(250)769-9093   fax:(250)769-9053 
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 212, bell 407

Yellowhead Helicopters ltd.
P.O. Box 190 3010 Selwyn Rd, Valemount BC V0E2Z0
tel:(250)566-4401   fax:(250)566-4333
a/c types:
bell 206, bell 204, bell 205, bell 212, bell 407, R-44. © 2008 Tous droits réservés. 
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